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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (Black)


Power source: Solar & Battery
Welding Protection: for ARC, MIG and TIG.
Helmet material: Polypropylene full face protection, Ratchet head gear.
Darkness range: Shade 9-13
Light state: Shade 3
Switching time:1/20000 seconds
Delay time: Automatic 0.1-0.5s
UV/IR protection: Up to DIN 15
View area: 42mm x 98mm
Cartridge size(mm):90 x110 x8
Power supply: Solar cells + 3V
CR2032 Li-battery x 2pcs.
Power on/off: Fully Automatic
CR2032 Li-battery changeable.
Operating temperature: -10C to  +70C
Storing temperature: -20C to  +80C
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 1.15 LBS